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"Winter" 18 inch Soft Bodied Seasons Doll

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"Winter" is the second in our Summers Closet Seasons Doll collection. This cute soft bodied doll is fun and cuddly.  She has a beautifully detailed embroidered face with blue/grey eyes and bright red lips. Her hair is made from dark black soft silky yarn and is styled in 2 long braids. She is sure to be a much loved doll for your child or an adored addition to a doll collectors collection. She fits most 18 inch doll clothing and accessories such as our Summers Closet clothing and accessories as well as American Girl clothing. Don't forget to purchase clothing and accessories sold seperately.  If you choose the no clothing option, she will come shipped with only underwear on.  Winters' featured clothing and accessories shown below can be purchased at 50% off when purchased with the doll.

$79.99 $59.99

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