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Mommy's Hope

Mommy's Hope

Mommy's Hope
Summers Closet asks you to join us in our effort to donate matching Mommy, Dolly, and Me Apron sets to Mothers who are fighting breast cancer and their daughters.
2  ways you can help!
1. Purchase a Mommy, Dolly, and Me apron set that we will personalize for one of the mommy daughter teams that we choose.  Please note in your order that the set you order is being donated to our cause.
2. Purchase a specially marked Mommy's Hope item for yourself, or as a gift. For every $500 in Mommy's Hope sales, we will donate a personalized Mommy's Hope Apron Set to a mommy daughter team that we choose.
Do you know of a mommy who is fighting breast cancer that has a young daughter? You can nominate a mommy daughter team to be chosen for one of our free apron sets.
Qualifications include but not limited to:
Mother must be battling breast cancer, and have a daughter ages infant to 14 years old. Must send a photo of the mommy daughter team along with a 1 page essay/story of why you think this mommy daughter team should be nominated as a Summers Closet Mommy's Hope team. All teams who are chosen must have the permission of the mommy who is battling cancer to use their story and preferrablly a picture of the mother and daughter through Summers Closet's various ways of marketing. This will be used to promote Mommy's Hope and give inspiration to other breast cancer patients and their daughters.
Must include your name (person submitting) the nomination, telephone number, email address and home address. We will contact you if your nominee is chosen and get their mailing info and their written permission from you after they are chosen. Chosen teams will be listed on A team will be chosen after every 5 apron sets that we sell, or when a Mommy's Hope apron set is purchased for donation to Mommy's Hope. Your submission will be saved until this time.
Our mission is to create Hope and a bond between Mothers who are battling cancer and their young daugthers. Mommy's Hope was started in memory of Renee Mason the mother of the owner and designer, of Summers Closet who lost her battle with breast cancer in March of 2000. Renee was a great inspiration to so many people in so many organizations including the homeschooling and her church communities. Most of all, Renee was the biggest inspiration to her 6 daughters and 2 sons that she left behind. Renee's daughters were between the ages of 4 and 24 when she passed away and even younger when she started her battle with breast cancer the year before. In the midst of running around to various doctors appointments, treatments and hospital visits, often a cancer patient has little time, emotional or physical energy to spend on themselves or their families. Our goal is to give these mothers and their daughters a symbol of their bond and their hope for recovery.
Please email all submissions to
Please be aware that we may have to limit the number of chosen teams, and that all enteries will not be selected. Incomplete or non compliant submissions will be rejected. We reserve the right to chose teams of our choosing on our own selection criteria and decisions.
Businesses, you can help too!
Do you have a business or website that would like to get involved in supporting or advertising Mommy's Hope? Please send all inquirys to



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