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Intro to Black and White Photography

Product Code: INTUDO2285

Intro to Black & White Photography

$200 for 3 classes, includes 1 roll of black and white film, chemicals to develop film and chemicals and paper to make 2-8x10 prints. For adults and mature teens. In these 3 packed classes, you will learn the basics of taking black and white photos, developing the film, and actually printing the photos using an enlarger and chemicals in a dark room.  You need to bring your own 35mm camera that has a MANUAL setting for taking the pictures. (Not a fully automatic or digital camera). If you don't own one and want to try the class before you purchase one, there may be limited options to use one that I have.  The developing and printing is all done in a dark room with zero or very minimal lighting and strong chemicals, so please don't take this class if you aren't comfortable in the dark. If you enjoy this basic course, we will be offering more extensive courses.

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