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DIY Whiteboard and Other Great Storage Solutions

Today’s post will show you how to create a whiteboard out of cool materials found at your local home improvement store.  We will also show you many great storage solutions to make the most out of an office, school room or just about any room or space in your house.

To make a white board you can use several different mediums.  In this video we re purposed a piece of milky white plexi glass.  You can use clear plexi glass, colored plexi glass and even plexi glass that has pieces of leaves or designs in it.  The options are endless all though the fancier plexi glass is harder to find.  Your best bet is too shop online for something like that.  Another option which I haven’t tried but contemplated when I was searching for plexi glass with unique greenery etc inside for a bathroom remodel I was doing was to make my own.  My idea was to   take 2 pieces of plexi glass and encase flattened dried greenery (or just about anything else flat).  Pre drill holes in the corners and maybe the center of the sides depending on how big you are trying to make it, and bolt it together tightly with washers and bolts.  Like I said, I haven’t tried this yet so I cant tell you how it worked since I opted for a glass water fountain wall in the bathroom instead. You can also use glass or the paneling sold at home improvement stores that has a white high glass finish on it.

If you want to make something large scale you can pre drill holes and hang it directly to the wall.  You could also add it into a pre fab picture frame for a different look.  How about a piece of the cool colored plexi glass in between two desks that are back to back for a neat office look? The ideas are close to endless.

The other storage ideas we show in this video are re-purposing many items that we already had from around the house and turning them into creative storage ideas.  The removable buckets we added below the white board to hold the markers and crayons and such are generic buckets purchased from the dollar store.  We added small cup hooks to the wall so these could easily be removed and put back when a craft situation calls for crayons and markers!

The large shelf was a basic extra deep shelf that we moved from the laundry room when we remodeled it. Check out our Laundry Room Remodel post coming soon.  You can purchase shelves like these at places like Home Depot, Lowes and Ikea.  You can also get doors for many of these shelves as well to hide all the organized baskets inside when you are done.  We moved the shelves around to create a higher shelf for the printers.  This particular cabinet only had holes drilled in specific spaces for the shelves and we were missing some of the little metal shelf brackets.  We measured and drilled holes where we wanted to move the shelf to, and purchased replacement shelf brackets at Home Depot.  After moving this shelf, we needed to reinforce it so we drilled it to the wall to give it added support.

We used matching plastic crates that they already had to sort and label all of the large school supplies.  They had these crates in several different rooms holding many different things.  By pulling them all into use in the school room they give a more cohesive organized look.

We also had to cut a hole in the back to access the power outlet that was already on the wall. We ran a surge protector power strip and hung it where it is easily accessible on the back of the cabinet. to plug in the printer and other small electronics.

We made a simple temporary paper holder, using one of the crates and strips of drywall that we slide through the holes.  It isn’t the prettiest, but with paper in it you cant even see the drywall.  It will at least last them until they buy or make a better one.

The pegboard shown in the video is a great way to make use of even a small space like the one next to this cabinet.  We cut pegboard to fit the width of this area.  We re-purposed pegboard we had used at their old house for this project, but you find pegboard at your local home improvement store.  We also cut down 1×2 pieces of scrap wood to make a sort of frame underneath the peg board so the peg hooks will fit in the holes.  You dont have to completely frame the whole piece.  Depending on the size of the peg board you are using, you need to make sure it has enough pieces under the edges to make it sturdy and secure.  The pegboard shouldn’t have any give after it is screwed to these pieces.  You can use long screws and the pegboard directly to these pieces and through the wall, or if you find it easier, you can measure and mark the placement of the framing pieces, screw them in to the wall and then use smaller screws to screw the pegboard onto these pieces.

The last picture shown in the video is of the center kitchen island we re-purposed to use as a craft island.  It is convenient for crafting and teaching as it is counter height instead of table height and it makes it easier to stand and craft.  We also added small hooks and metal wire to the ends to hang all the rolls of craft paper  and even some paper towels.  You could also do this same idea by using curtain rods if you had a little more space.