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Washi Tape Wreath- Quick Easy Unique gifts and packaging

Cute quick last minute gifts!
This cute wreath is made from 8 rolls of washi tape. It is perfect for the creative person in your life. I also thought I making a big giant one from duct tape but haven’t gotten around to it quite yet.
To make this washi tape wreath gather at least 8 rolls of washi tape. I used 6 regular rolls and 2 wider rolls but you could do it with any variety. I purchased these on sale at Office Depot, where I also used my Wrapp app $5 promotional gift card to score a great deal on a Christmas present for my creative nieces.
Lay the washi tapes in a circle upside down, lay the 2 wider rolls if you have them off center at the bottom where the wreaths bow will be. It would be best to use a hot glue gun to assemble the wreath or you can do it like I did and just use scotch tape. If you use scotch tape roll a small piece and stick it in between each roll where they meet on the sides. Then use large pieces of tape and lay them flat connecting each roll to the next. Make a bow out of ribbon, or maybe even some washi tape from an open roll and attach it with flat pieces of tape going through the loops to make sure it is properly secured. If you use hot glue, follow the same idea placing small dots in between each roll, and a small dot to attach the bow to the center of your washi tape wreath.
These wreathes are a great, unique way to give washi tape as a gift. They are an easy quick and creative last minute gift. They make fun packaging for gifts. Don’t forget to try a duct tape wreath while your at it!


Free Listings on Ebay this week

ebay1Check your ebay messages to see if you received this email like I did about free listings from July 25-31. Up to 80,000 listings, and this doesn’t include the normal 50 free a month that I mentioned in my post about turning your clutter into money.  When they have a deal like this I take advantage and list everything, including my Summers Closet merchandise, and then re list 50 of them each month. If you have a business where you sell something you could potentially sell on ebay, this is also a great time to take advantage and try it out. You only get charged a final value fee if the  item sells, so all it is costing you is your time.

Now, a word of advice…I use the 50 free each month but when I get a deal like this, I post many more than 50 items. Ebay deletes your postings after 60 days if they are not active. It takes quite a bit of time to post new postings if you are doing as many as I do,so I make sure to re post the items in a time frame that they will all be active at least once during a 60 day time frame so I don’t lose all my hard time consuming work of initially listing them.

Also, this deal works on all time lengths of postings so if you post today and choose the 5 day, then you will still be able to re post once before the deal is over for the 30 day time frame and it will extend your time before the 60 days when they are deleted and also extend your exposure to hopefully give you more chances to sell the items.

Happy de-cluttering and selling!

Hello Everyone!

I am excited to welcome you to my new blog. It will be all about design, deals, and projects for every day life. I plan to share with you my many different artistic and creative projects that you can do your self, along with fantastic deals, every day life stuff, recipes, videos, pictures and so so much more. I plan to have guest bloggers who will post great and relevant information from their experiences and fields.

I have always been a jack of all trades sort of person, hopefully not a master of none though! lol. I have a very creative mind and plan to use this blog as an output for my ideas and projects so that others can benefit from them and maybe be inspired to start some of their own. One blog post may be up your alley, the next may be up your friends alley, but I hope you keep following and share with others, because I plan to share a lot of different and useful content