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Free Movies- How to go to the movies for FREE!

movieMy boyfriend is a huge movie fan. Which means one of our most frequented activities when we go out is to the movies. It can cost a fortune if you frequent the movies as much as we do. I have been able to get us many free movies lately since I found gofobo.com


It is a website that offers free pre-screening tickets to certain movies that are being promoted. Which is pretty cool to be able to see the movie before anyone else, not to mention getting it for free. They offer movies at many different theaters nationwide. Where I live in South Florida, there are quite a few theaters within driving distance to choose from, so I have gotten several free tickets for us. When you go to the website you will need to sign up for free, and then you can search to find movies by your zipcode. Many will have enter rsvp codes, (which you can often get from the movies facebook page or website).  They also have ticket drawings that you can enter, which most of the ones I’ve entered have given me free tickets. the other option is the open tickets that let you print a ticket right then and there if they haven’t reached their limit for the time and location.

I check back often as they are always putting new pre screenings up and new dates and theaters to choose from.

One thing to keep in mind, is that you must get to the theater extra early to get good seats since they over pack the theater to make sure it is full for the pre screening. Also depending on how busy the theater is or how popular the movie, expect to wait in line before they let you in the theater. We have gone to one of these movies too late and it was already full by the time we got there. But all in all it is well worth it than spending the $25 plus dollars for 2 people to see a movie.

You can’t have a movie without the popcorn, which will often cost you more than the ticket itself if you buy a drink or candy to go with it. I have made great use of our theaters promotional deals and card to save a lot of money on movies and snacks. Our favorite local theater is Regal. They have a loyalty card that you sign up for for free here or at the theater

The loyalty card gives you free movies, free drinks, and free popcorn based on how much you use it. We have gotten quite a lot of freebies with the card. Also many movie theaters have mobile apps that give you coupons and deals, as well as text message coupons. From Regals facebook page every Thursday you can have a mobile coupon texted to you for snacks. This weeks is $3 off nachos. Click below to sign up for these coupons.

I also have gotten snack coupons from cinemark theaters from their Facebook and website, and I am sure there are many other theaters with promotions such as these. So a little extra time will get you a very inexpensive date night!

Free Listings on Ebay this week

ebay1Check your ebay messages to see if you received this email like I did about free listings from July 25-31. Up to 80,000 listings, and this doesn’t include the normal 50 free a month that I mentioned in my post about turning your clutter into money.  When they have a deal like this I take advantage and list everything, including my Summers Closet merchandise, and then re list 50 of them each month. If you have a business where you sell something you could potentially sell on ebay, this is also a great time to take advantage and try it out. You only get charged a final value fee if the  item sells, so all it is costing you is your time.

Now, a word of advice…I use the 50 free each month but when I get a deal like this, I post many more than 50 items. Ebay deletes your postings after 60 days if they are not active. It takes quite a bit of time to post new postings if you are doing as many as I do,so I make sure to re post the items in a time frame that they will all be active at least once during a 60 day time frame so I don’t lose all my hard time consuming work of initially listing them.

Also, this deal works on all time lengths of postings so if you post today and choose the 5 day, then you will still be able to re post once before the deal is over for the 30 day time frame and it will extend your time before the 60 days when they are deleted and also extend your exposure to hopefully give you more chances to sell the items.

Happy de-cluttering and selling!

Turn your Clutter into Money!

ebayI am not a fan of clutter. I am trying more and more to live a simpler life. I don’t like knick knacks, and only keep the stuff that is very meaningful, I use ALL the time, or that I really really like. The best way to reduce your clutter is to start by sorting your things into those categories. If they don’t fit in one of those three categories, it is time to get rid of it. Less things, means less clutter, a cleaner house, a streamlined look, and less to dust, wash, fold etc.

Why not turn those items into cash?

I am selling my house and have been getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit into those categories, so that I can make some extra money, and have less to move or store. Especially given that I don’t know yet where I will be moving or how much room I might have.

craiglistMy two biggest ways to sell my not needed items are Ebay and Craigslist. I don’t ever find garage sales worth the time. Chances are you won’t make a ton of money selling your stuff, but you might as well get something out of it. And if it doesn’t sell after listing it several times and adjusting the price, then donate it to a thrift store that will give you a receipt and use it as a tax deduction. The other site I use is an Ebay site called It is for selling only books, cds, movies, video games etc.

halfThe great thing about craiglist is it is free, you don”t pay to list your items, and you don’t pay when you sell your items. The downfalls of craigslist is dealing with people who try to nag you down in price no matter how cheap you are selling it and who are less then reliable about picking the items up at the requested time. I mainly post larger things on craigslist that are hard to mail and not worth posting on ebay because of this. Furniture, electronics, party supplies, appliances, linens, lamps, etc are all things I have had success selling on craigslist.  My rules for craigslist are I do not deliver anything, or meet anyone anywhere to sell my items. It is not worth it in gas at the prices I sell them for I am practically giving them away. Also I only make arrangements for when they can pick items up when it is convenient for me. Once again, waiting around for someone to show up when they say they will when you have somewhere to be is frustrating. Also, I don’t give my address until they have decided to buy it and we have arranged a time when they will pick it up.  There can also be some very shady people on Craigslist, so you must use judgement when dealing with anyone you don’t know. I have a dog which helps me not worry as much if I am home alone when they stop by to purchase an item.

Ebay, I post most anything that is mailable on. The downfalls of ebay is you have to pay to post and pay a percentage when you sell an item. The trick with ebay is to at least not pay to post. Ebay currently offers 50 free postings a month to users. They also depending on how often you post and other factors send you promotions for other free postings. I take advantage of these and rarely ever pay to post anything on ebay. This way I can post lots of items without worrying that I am wasting my money on something that may never sell. Now, I still have to pay a percentage when the item sells, but it is still worth it to me if I can make a couple dollars off an item I was going to discard of or give away anyway. You do have to make the time to package and ship the item, but as long as you have some packing materials readily on hand and use there printable postage it is simple and less time consuming. I charge priority flat rate prices since you can get the flat rate boxes for free from the USPS. It keeps it simple and quick. You can leave these boxes for your regular mail man and usually don’t even need to make a trip to the post office. You can order these free boxes online at the USPS website. Since I mail a lot more items now, such as our Matching Mother Daughter Clothing and Handmade Dolls through Summers Closet, I invested in a postal scale which cost me about $30. I also have several different sized bubble envelopes and regular boxes ready in case it is cheaper to use first class mail than priority. This saves me money in the long run, but may not be worth the investment and cost of packaging if you only plan on mailing a few things. My top items I have had success selling on ebay are any and all electronics, and name brand clothing such as Victorias Secret.  Many things I may sell for .99, and charge a little extra for shipping, so making at least a few dollars.

The last site I use is, which is an ebay site. On this site you don’t pay to list the items, only a percentage when they sell. The best thing to do is list all your books, movies and video games that you want to sell, and then just wait and see what sells. You don’t have to keep re listing like ebay and Craigslist. My niece has decided this is what she wants to do after they move in, so she can use the money from selling her  beloved books to buy new ones, or books for her kindle.