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Glow in the Dark Embroidered Applique Pillow

These adorable pillows make a great project for seamstresses of all sizes.  My video today shows one of my young sewing students, my adorable niece Summer, creating a custom pillow for her new bedroom.  We made ours reversible for an extra special pillow.  FUN on one side for the daytime, Zzz on the other for night time.

IMG_9002What you will need:

-Pillow form or stuffing in your desired size

-Plain fabric of your choice for pillow cover

-Scrap patterned fabric for applique

-Glow in the dark embroidery thread

-Sewing machine, pins and scissors!

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This is such a versatile project.  You can choose to use patterned fabric for the pillow with coordinating patterned fabric for the applique.  You can do one large initial or a whole word. Or how about a simple shape?  You can use soft flannel fabric like we did or a silky satin.  You can also use a variety of embroidery thread colors or even a mutli colored thread that changes colors as you sew it on.

IMG_9001The first thing you need to do is cut 2 pieces the same size to the measurements of your pillow plus adding 1/4 inch on all sides for the seams.  Make sure your two pieces are cut with wrong sides together if you are doing a shape that is not equal on both sides.

Using a plain piece of paper or tissue paper, draw and cut out your letter, word or design.  The simpler and more angular your letter is the easier it will be to embroider around.  You can use a computer and print a letter if you have a hard time drawing letters.

Place the letter template on your scrap fabric and pin it down with lots of pins to one layer of your pillow cover fabric.  Set your machine on a tight zig zag stitch and place the pinned fabric under the needle starting with one point of the letter.  Be careful that your fabric is laying flat and non of the edges are stuck underneath.  Start sewing a zig zag stitch over top of the edges of your letter or design.  Make sure most of the zig zag is over the letter fabric and just slightly over the pillow cover fabric.  When you get to the corners you need to turn make sure the needle is in the down position and lift the lever and turn your fabric to the new direction you need to sew.  Be sure to back stitch your first and last stitches to lock them in place.

Last step is to place the embroidered side of the pillow cover right sides together with the back and sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around, leaving an opening to stuff with filling or to insert a pillow form.  Close up the opening with a simple stitch on the sewing machine or if you feel more comfortable hand sewing a slip stitch.


Making Blue Glass Floating Shelves with Re purposed Glass

IMG_9018These great shelves were another project in my sisters house renovation.  I found some old pieces of nice thick 3/8″ glass with a beveled edge in my dads garage.  His garage is full of random stuff hes acquired for some future unkown use.  Needless to say, I thought these would make the perfect addition to her remodeled kitchen.  She wanted to do away with a large traditional china cabinet in her new dining room but still wanted a place to display some of her nice dishes.  She also had this random corner in the newly expanded kitchen that felt like it needed something to finish it off.  So we took these pieces of glass and transformed them into this beautiful floating blue glass shelf display.  We chose a bright blue paint to bring in the blue of the modern light fixture they installed above the adjacent bar.  The blue also helps to add a pop of color into her more neutral browns kitchen,  The glass shelves also help bring out the glass backsplash we installed.


What you will need:
-Glass shelves, however many and whatever size to fit your project

-Denatured alcohol

-A can of spray paint in the color of your choosing

-Blue painters edging tape

-Pelican brackets plus proper anchors for your type of walls



The first thing we did was use the denatured alcohol to clean the glass shelves thoroughly on both sides and all edges.  We had to use a scraper to gently scrap off some stickers that were on the shelves.  I suggest finding old glass shelves at a thrift store, garage sale or flea market.  If you bought these shelves like we used new they would cost around $40 a piece!

IMG_9015After the shelves are cleaned, take the painters tape and carefully tape of the edge, in our case the beveled portion as well.  Make sure the tape is neatly right to the edge of the beveled piece on the top.  The bottom edge the tape can wrap around since this will end up being the actual top of the shelf and won’t have paint on it.   Lay the shelves gently on a drop cloth, in our case we used an old blanket. Be careful while doing this as we were working on a concrete driveway and chipped one of the shelves laying it too hard on the concrete.



IMG_9016Once all of your shelves are taped, lay them side by side close together with the edged side of your glass facing up.  Spray them thoroughly in light layers with the spray paint being careful not to drip or splatter the paint.  Let them dry preferably over night.

In the mean time you can hang your pelican brackets.  We purchased these brackets for about $7 a pair at Home Depot.  Compared to prices online of different brackets to hang glass shelves, and even other alternatives to hanging them such as wood moldings, this seemed like the cheapest and nicest alternative.  We chose a brushed metal silver looking finish to coordinate with the appliances and cabinet hardware.  They did have several other options though.

IMG_9020The wall we were hanging them was a stuccoed concrete wall basically.  I should have purchased a new masonry drill bit before this project and it would have made my life a whole lot easier. Instead I was trying to use an old masonry bit that turns out was pretty worn out, which made it a much harder task.  The pelican brackets came with two different types of anchors, one for drywall and the other for other surfaces such as what I was using.  I drilled the proper holes for where we wanted to place the brackets and attached the anchors.  I used a measuring tale and level of course to find the proper placement.  I then drilled in the brackets according to the instructions on the packaging.  Basically you have to unscrew the height screw of the bracket that holds the shelf in place large enough to be able to screw the hidden screw into the back of the bracket attaching it to the wall.

IMG_9019After the shelves have completely dried, gently pull off the painters tape from all the edges.  Lay the shelves gently onto the pelican brackets being careful not to slide them so the paint doesn’t scratch.  Make sure the painted side is down and the shiny glass side is up.  Secure the glass onto the brackets by using a hand screwdriver to tighten the bottom screw back up until the shelf is tightly in between the two pieces of the pelican bracket.  You shouldn’t be able to pull on the shelf and move it if it is securely in place.

Continue the same for all your shelves and you have your decorative shelves ready to display your finest treasures!


IMG_8811Now all you need is a cute apron and oven mitt in coordinating colors to your new kitchen area.  Take a look at all of our adorable Personalized Full and Half Aprons or Matching Terry Lined Heat Resistant Oven Mitts.  They are all handmade in the USA, and we have them for men, women, children and even dolls.  You can even get them embroidery personalized for a little extra with your choice of colored threads and your choice of a cute saying, name or monogram.

IMG_8576  IMG_8569

Faux Swirl Painted Walls


If you are looking for a way to spruce up your paint job and walls in any room of the house, this post is for you.  We did a simple faux swirl paint job on my nieces bedroom walls.

Step 1: Paint a solid color on all walls, carefully cutting in the ceiling and baseboards.

Step 2: Paint a second solid coat on all walls.

IMAG0763Step 3: Mix white with the original color to make a much lighter version of your solid color.

Step 4: Mix the lighter paint mixture with 1:1 water to paint ratio.

Step 5: Prepare a bucket with clean water and paint brush.

Step 6: Use your paint brush to paint swirls, or any other design you can imagine on the wall with the 1:1 water, paint ratio.  Immediately paint over your swirls lightly with a clean paint brush dipped in the clean water.   Make sure you check for drips and brush them as needed.


This process gives an easy way to get a faux finish without having to use any special paints and materials.  We discovered the swirls looked best being at least the size of half the wall or bigger.  Making the swirls connect and continue around the inner corners of the walls gives a nice overall complete appearance.


Purchase some personalized throw pillow covers to complete your new rooms design

To finish off your rooms decor be sure to visit our shop to purchase coordinating throw pillow covers.  You can even get these throw pillow covers embroidered with a cute saying, word, monogram or other personalization.  They make a great and unique gift.  These pillow covers are an easy update to throw pillows you already have or you can purchase inserts.  Don’t forget to purchase a set of holiday covers as well to switch out your decor for special occasions!






















Guest Post: A Googly Eye Autumn by Donna Krumbine

Autumn is my favorite season! I love the leaves, the cooler weather and the pumpkins! Growing up in my family Halloween was very different, though. There weren’t any witches, devils or things of that dark nature. Instead, our parents taught us about Reformation Day and encouraged us to dress up in more innocent and creative costumes. One year we dressed up as the Beverly Hillbillies. Another, my sister went as a House! I, of course, always loved being able to dress as a princess, bride, or, well, anything elegant! And, of course, there was Trick or Treating. It wouldn’t be an Autumn holiday without Trick or Treating.

(And, yes, my parents were always sure to “check for poison” before we got to any of the candy. For some reason, though, my Dad only seemed interested in testing the Mounds bars and my Mom was only interested in checking the 3 Musketeers…)

Now that I’m older and married, I’ve looked for ways to continue celebrating the Autumn season in the same innocent and family orientated manner. These days my husband and I don’t go trick or treating, but we always find creative and fun ways to decorate for the season.

This year, the theme I came up with was: Googly Eyes! Because what could be more spooky fun than having crazy googly eyes peeking at you from the strangest places!

I wanted to share a few of the crafts with you. They are all easy to do!

First there was the Googly Eye wreath! This one was super fun to do. I got a straw wreath and covered it in black glitter fabric. Then I glued on an assortment of goggly eyes, covering it completely. I left the top blank, added orange ribbon and a bow, with, of course, one extra eye. Because, really, you can never have too many googye eyes.

“Eye” will be watching you!

eyeball wreath3 eyeball wreath2 eyeball wreath

Once I was done with the wreath, I thought there was something missing from our home. And, of course, there was. No Autumn is complete without a googly eyed pumpkin! This is especially wonderful if you are as adverse to actually having to carve a pumpkin as I am! So much work and so gross! In the past I’ve painted them and drawn them on. But I have to say, I love the idea of my Jack O’Lantern having little wiggle eyes! Isn’t he just the cutest little pumpkin ever?

google eye pumpkin2 google eye pumpkin

This last one was my husband’s idea and I have to agree, it’s definitely a spooky one. It’s a googly eye fall leaf bouquet. Mix in a couple of leaves with googly eyes on them and no matter how the bouquet is sitting, somebody’s always watching you!

google eye wreath google eye boquet2 google eye boquet

At this point I was on a roll and still had plenty of googly eyes left to go. So I let my imagination run a little wild and created some fun little accessorizes for my nieces:

Googly eye flip-flops. It always helps to have an extra set of eyes to watch where you’re going.

flip flops

And googly eye hair ties, you could also make a headband or barrette, because it never hurts to have a couple of extra eyes on the back, or top, of your head!

google eye hair2 google eye hair

Googly eye projects are super fun, and a great craft project that you can do with the family! They’re definitely one of my favorite projects. And they’re so easy to do, just grab the eyes, the glue and have a blast!

Hope you have a fun Autumn and Eye’ll be seeing you later!