Re Purposing Ugly Mis-Matched Glass Dishes


This was a fun project that I have done several times. The plates in the picture were plain clear plates with a seashell design.  They were kind of dated, as we had used them for a beach themed wedding I designed years ago.  The glass was in good condition though, and I had a set of 4 and they were nice and thick heavy duty glass and a large enough size that they could be used as serving dishes.

I made these for my sisters recent wedding.  I bought metallic acrylic and glitter acrylic paints to match her wedding decor.  I decided to use the wave pattern in the glass to my advantage and painted stripes in metallic with opposite ones in glitter.  Some dishes I have done I bordered an edge in one color and another in the center.  Others I have skipped the glitter all together, or used a layer of glitter followed by a layer of the metallic after it dried to give it a glitter metallic look.  You can use virtually any color combination and metallic glitter combination for a world of possibilities.

Use the glassware for inspiration, if it has a raised design, flow with it in your painted design, if it is plain, make your own borders.

Step 1: Clean glass thoroughly.

Step 2: Using a small paint brush, paint the glitter portion first on the BACK of the plate dish (The side that food will not come in contact with), let dry, and repeat for as many coats to get the glitter effect you desire.  Let dry.

Step 3: Paint the metallic portion, let dry. Repeat with at least one more coat or until the paint is solid.

Step 4: Spray the painted portion with a clear or frosted glass paint to seal in the paints.

Let dry and use!

These plates must be hand washed with a soft cloth, and cannot be microwaved.  Make sure you don’t paint any portions that you will be putting food on as paint can be toxic if ingested.

This is also a great idea for the bottoms of glass shelves in a bookshelf or china cabinet to add some color and update your things. Or how about the bottom of a glass desk? The possibilities are endless.

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